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 home heart attack treatment Heart disease and cardiac arrests can happen at any time in adults and children, in men and women, and what are the symptoms of a heart attack a month ago, and how saving a person from a heart attack at home, what is the difference between a heart attack and angina, how can a heart attack be treated with herbs, and what is obsession heart attack? Let's continue in today's article How to Treat Heart Attack at Home.


A heart attack occurs when the level of oxygen reaching the heart drops and begins with pain in the arm, chest, back, or throat, accompanied by shortness of breath and profuse sweating. In this case, these signs may indicate the possibility of a heart attack.


Causes of a heart attack:

A heart attack is caused by a blockage in one or more of the arteries that carry blood to the heart, causing the heart to stop oxygenating.

The blockage most often occurs as a result of a clot or a clot blocking blood flow in the arteries.

A clot can cause death, paralysis or complete paralysis.

The occurrence of a clot can also be prevented by using garlic extract, which is a natural remedy that works to prevent blood clots, heart and strokes, and prevents blood clots and opens arteries. which carry blood to the main organs of the body.


Symptoms of a heart attack a month ago:

Before identifying the method of treating a heart attack at home, there are some precursor symptoms of a heart attack that can affect a person before a stroke or cardiac arrest occurs, and most important of these symptoms that affect a person before a heart attack occurs:


Shortness of breath with pain in the chest, arm, neck, jaw or back.

Stomach pains

Constant nausea.


stomach ache.

increased sweating;

Fatigue and general weakness.

sudden dizziness or vertigo;

How to save a person from cardiac arrest?

Treating a heart attack at home and how to survive a heart attack when alone or if someone has a heart attack, here are the steps you can take to survive a heart attack:


You should immediately call 911 and advise them to come in an emergency. If you cannot call them, ask your neighbors to drive you to the nearest hospital.

Chew the aspirin, then swallow it while you wait for help, as aspirin prevents blood from clotting.

If you are allergic to aspirin, do not take it and take nitroglycerin.

If the person has a heart attack and is unconscious, start CPR to maintain blood flow.

Apply regular, firm movements in the center of the chest (100 to 200 movements per minute).

Then perform artificial respiration for the patient with a heart attack.


Herbal Heart Attack Treatment:

A heart attack can be treated at home by preventing blood clots and clots using Golden Lotus Garlic Extract.One of the most important features of this treatment is:


If you are afraid of a heart attack or stroke, taking one sachet of garlic extract every 3 months will help you avoid clots.

Garlic extract also helps in the treatment of paraplegia and paralysis caused by strokes and heart attacks.

It opens the veins and arteries and removes clots that block blood flow and stop oxygen and cause clots.


Garlic extract is also considered to be an herbal treatment for stroke and hemiplegia, which has proven its effectiveness and real results in the world of modern herbal medicine.

If the patient has had paraplegia or total paralysis caused by stroke or heart attack, garlic extract can treat the paralysis.

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