physical health

 Constitution health is the human enjoyment of the vital processes of all body functions because the maintenance of health requires the struggle of the organs of the body group; A healthy person appreciates energy, determination, and power, and physical health make-up can also be defined as A standard way in which a person clamps down to enjoying a life of high well-being. The elements of health are elements, including exercise Sports: bodies and sports activities keep the body healthy and healthy, strengthen the muscles of the body, improve the heart muscle, the mind, absorption, movement, and sports, as well as prevent body problems and emotions. The body is nourished with balanced and integrated food, rich in nutrients that help build, grow and maintain health Rest and sleep: Rest reduces marines and increases bodily activity and vitality, and it should be noted that older people need more sleep than younger people. Lack of sleep causes constitutional problems, stress, and insomnia. Hygiene: The cleanliness helper to reduce the spread of bacteria, and Associate to clean them. Guidelines for maintaining a healthy constitution daily walking; A person who walks daily for a period between 30 hours reduces injury from contracting diseases such as malignant growth. To avoid exposure to high blood pressure. Make sure to hollow three segments of organic produce and standard vegetables a day to reduce heart attack by up to 70%. Choose good sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays that can cause blindness in the elderly or cataracts. maintain dental hygiene; When brushing impressions, the brush should not be wet with water before putting toothpaste in it; Dry brushing helps increase the possibility of plaque removal by up to 67%. Be careful not to bite your nails, as this is a bad habit and spoils the beauty of the hands, and can lead to gaps in the imprint, leading to cavities, gums, and ulcers. Drinking green tea, where specialists are advised to drink a standard cup of green tea a day, limits oxidation in body cells. Herbs daily and between main meals, as they help increase the efficiency of the digestive system and expel toxins and impurities from the body. Always keep clothes and hands clean, as they can catch microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye; Constant hygiene prevents and limits the food.

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